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1803 Draped Bust Dollar

Large 3


Variety BB-255, B-6 - PCGS MS63

  Obverse: Variety BB-255, B-6 - PCGS MS63

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Reverse: Variety BB-255, B-6 - PCGS MS63

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Just a single obverse die bore the Large 3 date format, and yet, that die went on to be very productive.  Indeed, when 1803 dollars are seen, they are most likely to be specimens of the Large 3 date format.  Nonetheless, the distinctiveness of the date has made the Large 3 dollar a favorite of collectors.

At MS63, The Cardinal Collection specimen ranks as the finest known of all 1803 Large 3 dollars.  Pedigreed back to Jim Ruddy's personal collection in 1960, this coin resided in an old-time cabinet until acquired by the Cardinal Collection in 2003.  Magnificently struck with beautiful old time album toning, its luster beams for all to see.


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