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1802 Draped Bust Dollar

Close Date


Variety BB-241, B-6 - PCGS MS65

  Obverse: Variety BB-241, B-6 - PCGS MS65

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Reverse: Variety BB-241, B-6 - PCGS MS65

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Continuing the trend from 1801, production of Draped Bust dollars dated 1802 was substantially less than the level of 1798 through 1800.  Only a small number of dies were needed, and the total mintage ultimately used 7 known different obverse dies and only 2 known different reverse dies.  These combined to create 7 different individual die varieties.

The Redbook categorizes these based on the appearance of the date - being either a normal or overdate, and being either "wide" or "close" in spacing.

Only two varieties were struck from the non-overdated obverse dies, and each of these is distinctive.  The first, and most common, features a narrowly spaced date and a missing lower right serif to the letter "T" in "LIBERTY," while the other (scarcer) variety features a widely spaced date and a complete letter "T."

The Cardinal Collection includes specimens of both of these important varieties, including a high condition census (AU58) specimen of the very scarce BB-242 wide date variety, in addition to the pictured coin.

Pedigreed to the Floyd Starr Collection, the pictured coin is tied with four others as the finest known 1802 dollar. Graded MS65, the surfaces are magnificently smooth and defect free, the strike is amazingly sharp throughout, and the toning provides an incredible oil-slick rainbow appearance.  Beneath the shimmering rainbow beams unimaginably intense cartwheel luster - the calling card of all true superb gems!


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