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1800 Draped Bust Dollar

Americai - Normal Date


Variety BB-192, B-19 - PCGS AU58

  Obverse: Variety BB-192, B-19 - PCGS AU58

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Reverse: Variety BB-192, B-19 - PCGS AU58

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Formed by the errant slip of the engraver's hand, or the mistaken start in the placement of an intended letter, the extra line following the word "AMERICA" has forever placed this variety into the hearts of collectors.  Seemingly reading "AMERICAI," this sub-type is eminently recognizable and furiously sought by collectors.

Specialists have long recognized that this popular reverse die blunder actually was combined with two separate obverses for the striking of coins.  Both obverses are quite distinctive, with one (the scarcer BB-191) featuring the Wide Date/Low 8 date type, and the other (BB-192) featuring the normal date format.

The Cardinal Collection includes condition census AU-58 specimens of both varieties.  The pictured coin is of the BB-192 variety.  This coin features smooth golden toning throughout, deepening somewhat toward the rims.  Superbly struck throughout, the surfaces are smooth and lustrous, without impairment.  Just the barest, almost imperceptible, trace of rub separates this great coin from mint state.


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