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1799 Draped Bust Dollar

Reverse of 1800


Variety BB-164, B-17 - PCGS MS65

  Obverse: Variety BB-164, B-17 - PCGS MS65

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Reverse: Variety BB-164, B-17 - PCGS MS65

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The Draped Bust/Large Eagle type continued on from 1798 into 1799, as production continued to ramp up.  Dollar mintage for 1799 represented a further increase in mintage from 1798, and, consequently, a large number of dies were needed.  Production of 1799 dollars ultimately employed 11 different obverse dies and 16 different reverse dies, resulting in 22 different die varieties and multiple Redbook types.

Even among those varieties of rather "normal" appearance, several distinctive features appear and make for interesting additions to a collection.  Accordingly, the Cardinal Collection has sought to include examples of these varieties as well.

An impressive gem MS-65 specimen, the pictured coin represents the single finest known specimen of the BB-164 "Reverse of 1800" variety, as well as the third finest known of ALL 1799-dated dollars.  An amazing specimen stemming from an old time collection, this coin was undoubtedly an early strike from the dies, displaying a smooth, rather proof like obverse.  In contrast, the reverse exhibits exceptionally frosty luster, creating booming cartwheels.  Toned in shades of golden and brown on the obverse, and rich golden-orange on the reverse, striking dashes of rich blue add to this coin's excitement.


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