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1798 Draped Bust Dollar

Heraldic Eagle, Pointed 9, Close Date
Line Stars


Variety BB-124, B-24 - NGC MS64

  Obverse: Variety BB-124, B-24 - NGC MS64

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Reverse: Variety BB-124, B-24 - NGC MS64

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Following the "5 Lines" and "Knob 9" types, the Mint adopted those features, such as a "Pointed 9" font, that would appear as the standards on all future dollars.  While the shield formats and date fonts remained unchanged, the hand-made characteristics of the numerous individual dies still made room for other distinctive features that are readily visible to the naked eye.

At MS64, the pictured specimen is one of the very finest of all 1798 Large Eagle dollars, and the single finest known of the BB-124 "blundered stars" variety.  The variety features the reverse stars arranged in straight lines (rather than nicely curved arcs), but blundered and placed too high, such that they overlap the clouds.  The coin itself features beautiful original toning, with dappled golds in the centers blending to rich blues at the rims.  Die cracks traverse the lower obverse, creating a bit of strike weakness there and in the opposing reverse area; nonetheless, superb frosty cartwheel luster abounds throughout.


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