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1798 Draped Bust Dollar

Small Eagle, 13 Stars


Variety BB-82, B-1 - PCGS AU58

  Obverse: Variety BB-82, B-1 - PCGS AU58

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Reverse: Variety BB-82, B-1 - PCGS AU58

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The final Draped Bust/Small Eagle variety, the so-called 1798 13 Star variety became a true transitional type.  Indeed, the very same obverse die used for this variety was used in combination with a new heraldic eagle reverse die to start off the new Draped Bust/Large Eagle type.

Like its 15 Star counterpart, this variety is really quite scarce overall, and particularly challenging in high grade.  As with the 15 Star variety, the Mint again re-used an existing reverse die -- this time using using the die previously used in coining the 1797 9x7 star/large letters variety.  By this time, the reverse die had developed multiple cracks, and, consequently, the resulting coins display a number of striking weaknesses.  It is no surprise then, that it is particularly difficult to locate a nice specimen of this tough variety.

At AU58, the Cardinal Collection specimen ranks tied with one other as the finest 1798 small eagle/13 Stars dollar graded by PCGS, and second finest overall (exceed just by the single NGC-MS60 specimen in the Warren Miller collection).

Well struck for the variety, this specimen features incredible old-time rainbow album toning on both the obverse and reverse.  Though areas of striking weakness do appear at the centers, the luster glistens throughout.  Just the barest trace of wear separates this specimen from mint state.


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