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1797 Draped Bust Dollar

Stars 9x7, Large Letters


Variety BB-73, B-1 - NGC MS63

  Obverse: Variety BB-73, B-1 - NGC MS63

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Reverse: Variety BB-73, B-1 - NGC MS63

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By comparison to the 9x7 stars/small letters sub-type also coined in 1797, dollars of the 9x7 stars/large letters type are fairly readily available.  However, the phrase "fairly readily available" again must be taken in a relative sense, as all dollars of 1797 (like their 1796 counterparts) are enormously scarcer than those of 1795.

Like the dollars of 1796, the coins of 1797 do not generally exhibit abundant luster, and this is likely due to the quality of the silver used for coining and the overall weaknesses in strikes.  Consequently, the typical dollar of 1797, even if fairly high in grade, will display a rather drab luster.  Locating a specimen with a sharp strike and attractive luster becomes particularly difficult.

At MS63, the Cardinal Collection specimen is tied with one other as the finest 9x7 stars/large letters dollar ever graded.  The owner of that other specimen has commented that he considers the Cardinal specimen to be quite a bit superior to his own, which would place the Cardinal specimen as the very finest.

Featuring a truly amazing strike, the Cardinal specimen is everything anyone could want in a 1797 dollar.  All of Liberty's hair strands show completely, every star is sharp, and more importantly, every breast feather stands out boldly on the eagle.  The surfaces are lightly toned in golden apricot hues and blaze with amazing cartwheel luster, unlike any other dollar of this date.


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