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1798 Draped Bust Dollar
Heraldic Eagle, Pointed 9, Wide Date
10 Arrows - Line Stars (5 Stripes)

  Obverse: Variety BB-101, B-17 - PCGS AU53

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Major Type:  Draped Bust/Heraldic Eagle

Date:  1798

Redbook Type:  Pointed 9, 5 Vertical Lines, Pointed 9, 10 Arrows

PCGS Number:  6874, Series 49, Coin #5A
PCGS Number:  6876, Series 49, Coin #5C

Identification Points: 
Obverse date style, reverse star pattern, reverse shield style, and number of reverse arrows

  Reverse: Variety BB-101, B-17 - PCGS AU53

BB-101, B-17





Variety BB-101, B-17 - PCGS AU53  

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